Ryan is the best! He was so easy to come into contact with, he kept me updated throughout the whole process, he responds to emails so quickly, and he was very professional. His prices are also very reasonable. I had paid a ticket a year ago not realizing that it would higher my insurance to the point that I couldn't even afford it anymore and I wasn't able to drive my car. I thought it was too late to get the offence off of my driving record, but I found Ryan and he was able to clear my driving record and I am left with 0 demerit points. Whatever ticket/driving offence you need to fight, Ryan can fight it!!
~ Vanessa Holden, Etobicoke

Ryan was amazing. Super professional and thorough. Always answered my emails and any questions I had promptly and even after his job was technically done. Hopefully I will not have to use any legal services for traffic tickets again, but if I do, I will always return to Defend Charges. Thanks again Ryan!
~ Julia and Dylan Bulmer, Novice Driver

Ryan 相當專業可靠,我G2牌超速吾想煩以為交罰款就了事,原來交了罰款就當了我應罪而需要扣三分,停牌三十天,我打了很多政府部門電話也沒有用,說我沒有選擇只可交出駕照及另外出牌之款項近300Cad. 我上網找了Ryan, 他一條龍服務相當到位,幫我求情及上訴,最後解決所有問題,部門也退回多付之罰款及另外出牌款項近400Cad. 而且也沒有扣分,多謝Ryan
~ Tak Chi, Toronto

Very good service, answered all my questions, and achieved a better than expected result. Thank you Ryan
~ Samuel Fabra, Markham

Ryan was very quick to respond and worked very hard to reach an agreeable resolution for us. We highly recommend Defend Charges and Ryan Swalm, you won't be disappointed!!!
~ Crystal Grubb, Mother of Novice Driver

Extremely helpful and professional. Saved me a great deal of stress. I would highly recommend.
~ Liam Burns, Kingston

I found Ryan after tons of research and only he had perfect customer reviews and experience. I can definitely tell why. I was very stressed out with a ticket that could've caused huge impact on my insurance and when I reached out to him he walked me through all the process/possible consequences with care, and his replies were always super fast. Thanks to Ryan my ticket is gone now. Very highly recommend :)
~ Alex Yoon, Richmond Hill

I was charged with a 30 over as a novice driver, I tried to pay my tickets and the ticket I was told didn’t exist there was nothing for me to pay. 2 years went by and I received a letter in the mail stating that my license is being suspended for 30 day... I was a novice driver the speeding 30 over had 4 points and that triggered escalating sanctions. My job required me having a license, so I called defend charges. Not only did they appeal the suspension and my license didn’t get suspended They had that covered before the date of the suspension took affect they got my ticket dropped to a minor traffic offence disobeying a traffic sign no points but helped with with me not being a high risk driving on my insurance...
~ Joseph Hansen, Welland

As a Novice driver I found myself backed up in a corner with nowhere to turn. Defend Charges has helped me substantially with the all the background court work, communication, and value for my money! I would recommend their services to anyone who needs an honest helping hand in situations that they feel stuck! The process is very easy, and a lot of the work gets done behind the scenes! 100% would recommend!
~ Gianluca Lamacchia, Brampton

I called Ryan on a whim after handing in my driver's license to start a suspension, expecting to be told there was nothing that could be done about my situation. Shortly (REALLY SHORTLY) I was legally driving again, and within a few weeks of that, [ NoviceDriver.legal ] reached a favorable agreement with the court, and my suspension was no more. If you have been charged with anything, please do yourself a favor and give [ NoviceDriver.legal ] a call ... you won't be disappointed!
~ Nate Johnston, Welland

I am a novice driver and I got a speeding ticket for going 110 in an 80. The officer reduced my speed by a few kms so I paid the ticket because I thought he did me a favour. Then I got the notice of suspension demanding I surrender my licence for 30 days. The officer never told me about any demerit points or that if I decided to pay the ticket I would face an escalating sanctions licence suspension. I did my research and hired DefendCharges.ca and NoviceDriver.legal. Ryan helped me file an appeal and remove the penalties. I was driving again within days. At the appeal he also got my speed reduced so I would not have any escalating sanctions. Highly recommended to other novice drivers in my situation.
~ Meet Patel, Hamilton

Brilliant service! Ryan was professional, thorough and clearly laid out the legal route. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and his team.
~ Sean Grindley-Ferris, Kingston

We are very happy that we hired Ryan to defend serious infractions on behalf of my brother.. Ryan explained us the whole process very efficiently and provided us with an update on every step. Results were amazing, 2 of the 3 tickets were dismissed and 1 was amended to a charge which carried no points and does not show on record as well. Thank you very much Ryan for your excellent services. we highly recommend defendcharges.ca to everyone!!
~ Navneet Dhindsa, Sister of Novice Driver

Confused and needing my license to work, I called Ryan Swalm at Defend Charges just to ask a couple questions about my situation. Hiring his services was absolutely the right decision and I am consistently glad that I did. Over 8 months of jumping through MTO hoops and he has not only gotten the suspension and conviction removed, but I will receive a refund of my original fine ... Ryan was incredibly helpful, professional, and personable throughout all of our communications and I highly recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation.
~ Declan Rohr, Waterloo

Amazing service and results were great. True to his word and transparent. Highly recommend Ryan's services.
~ Aydin Parekh, Nobleton

Ryan was a great paralegal and I am so happy that I went to him for my ticket. I was facing my first serious offence and looking at a 30 day suspension and a hefty fine and Ryan really helped me out. He communicated with me throughout the whole process and answered any questions that I had. I encourage everyone to go to him!
~ Smatha Anthonidas, Milton

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